Celebrating Diwali

On Wednesday 19th October, we celebrated Diwali at Waingels. In preparation for this, we asked students to enter a competition where they created Rangoli designs.

The winning entry was recreated in the Main Hall along with other Rangoli designs. It was really difficult choosing a winner as we had so many entries. We have included pictures of our runners-up which were also very impressive. However, our winner was Sarah in Year 8 therefore we recreated her design. This was led by students who were involved in the planning of the Diwali celebrations and part of the Diversity Team. They did an amazing job using rice, powder and leaves to try and recreate the design.

We also had a special menu in the canteen to celebrate Diwali, thank you to our kitchen staff- it was delicious. We had lots of food options to choose from and students really enjoyed it! It has been wonderful learning about Diwali and how it can be celebrated differently, according to country and communities. We wish everyone, who celebrates, a happy Diwali over half term.

You can watch our Diwali video here

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