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Ukrainian Charity Fundraiser

Based on the current world issues and on-going awareness for the concern between Ukraine and Russia, the Head Team organised a Waingels community event on Thursday 7th April to raise money for the Reading Ukraine Society. This day provided 2 successful events, the sunflower penny trail and a bake sale.

Earlier in that week, we asked everyone to bring in their loose change and coppers. On the Thursday morning we used blue and yellow chalk to draw out a sunflower; Ukraine’s national flower symbolising resistance against the country’s invasion of Russian forces. During tutor time, each of our Tutor Representatives brought the bags of coins over to our sunflower and we then filled the middle of the flower with the pennies. Just from that we raised £391.15!

Our second event was a cake sale during break and lunchtime. Many were eager to attend and a few of our School Council members alongside our Head Team helped with the cake sale and provided the cakes. At the start of break we had crowds of students coming to get cake, and so with that, we sold out in the first 15 minutes. Luckily, we had a few spares to then keep for the lunch time rush.

On behalf of the Head Team, we want to say a big thank you to people’s contributions and involvement during the process of this charity fundraiser. Thank you!!

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