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Year 8 Enterprise Day

On Tuesday 8th (Wains) and Wednesday 9th (Gels) of March, Year 8 competed in Enterprise Day for the whole day and we had the great pleasure of taking part. The objective of the day was to design a board game for Years 7, 8 and 9 to help them understand different approaches with managing money and learn about finance. For example, use of bank cards and cash. Here is our recollection of what happened throughout the two days.

“The day started as usual but instead of participating in lessons we were split into groups and Enterprise Day started with a presentation by Mrs Tickner about what the task was, and how to achieve it.”

“My group designed a board game out of different materials such as paper and cardboard. There were different roles within the group. For example, Project Manager and Product Designer. I was the Accountant and I had to make sure our group stayed within budget and did not go over while buying our supplies to make the game. What our team did well was making sure each member performed their job. What we could have improved was our communication with each other.”

“Our group made sure that the game met the objectives of the task. We named it “Bob’s Financial Crash” - it had all of the things that a board game needed such as playing pieces. Our group considered that the board game would help Years 7, 8 and 9 as it showed how not to go into debt and how to budget appropriately based on how much you earn.”

“At the end of the day, all games were judged by Mrs Tickner and a winner was announced. There were three awards, Creative, Pitch and Overall. The winners of each award won a certificate and chocolate coins. Unfortunately, our team did not win an award but it was a really fun experience and I really enjoyed being a part of it”- Harry Year 8 ‘Gels’ Student 

“All together there were 20 groups and 6-7 people in each of them. There were several jobs that each person in a group can have, this includes: Manager, Deputy Manager, Product Designer, Logistic Manager, Sales Executive, Communication Officer and Accountant".

"To make the game each person participates their ideas and communicates as a team. The Enterprise Day teaches you many skills, like teamwork and working with everyone and learning new things. It can also teach you how to sell your product with persuasive language."

"In my opinion I really enjoyed Enterprise Day, there were some challenges but the group that I was working with got through it and in the end, we came 3rd for our presentation skills. The group that I was in were called Brain Masters and the game that we came up with was called Bank Heist. In my group I was allocated the Manager, so I was the one making sure people were doing their jobs and everyone helps out. I thought the setup of the day was great and I really liked being the Manager as I thought it suited my skills.”Sophie Year 8 ‘Wain’ Student 

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