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Year 7 Passport Challenge

Before the Summer Holidays, Miss Crang visited my Primary School where she explained about how us Year 6s could get involved in the Waingels Passport. The Waingels Passport is a Waingels Values project allowing us to be as creative as we like. I made a project inspired by Super Mario Bros and all the exciting features within the
video game. My project included a 3D roller coaster model made out of card, a supporting newspaper article, a map, a logo, some directions and lots more! Overall the project took around 6 weeks, which meant throughout my summer holiday I could dip in and out of the project as and when I liked.
I decided to get involved with this project so I could prepare for the expectations at Waingels and the level of understanding each lesson brings. I without a doubt enjoyed making this fun project, not only because I was a little bored at home and I needed something to occupy me, but most of the activities are what we, as children, enjoy doing in daily life (e.g. reading books, colouring, adventures etc.). Overall, I think that taking up the once-in-a-lifetime challenge and showing off your skills will help you get an extra boost of knowledge for when you start at Waingels.