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World Down Syndrome Day

March marks World Down Syndrome Awareness Month and on the 21st March every year (21.03) World Down Syndrome Day is observed. It is celebrated on this day as Down Syndrome is the presence of 3 copies of chromosome number 21, leading to physical and cognitive differences. This is to me (and others within the school) a very personal cause as many have family members and friends with Down Syndrome.

Personally, I was motivated to raise awareness as my brother and many of his friends have it and many people are unsure about how to approach him or talk about him and others in conversations. I wanted to show that these are all individuals with great ability who have so much to offer.

Throughout the school, within tutor time and in assemblies, students have been learning more about the condition and the ‘We’re More Alike Than Different’ message that we try to promote. To raise further awareness, on Wednesday 31st March, students and staff will be invited to take part in the Rock Your Socks campaign - wearing odd or crazy socks to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. 

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