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Theresa May Talks to Year 10 & Sixth Form

We were very lucky to be joined by the Right Honourable Theresa May this week, who took time out of her busy schedule as an MP to speak to the Year 12 students, Members of Waingels Student Council and the Year 10 Citizenship class. Mrs May (Theresa) is known for her 3 years as our Prime Minister from July 2016- to July 2019 of course, but also because she has been the Maidenhead MP since 1997 (before Waingels students were all born!).

Mrs May spoke to students about her role as an MP and allowed students to put questions to her. We were particularly interested to hear about her thoughts on Brexit and other policies as well as how she found her role as the Prime Minister. She even told us her favourite film!

In her introduction Lumnwi, Year 10 Citizenship student, said “We were really excited when we found out that we’d be able to speak to you in today’s lesson because you’ve had years of experience of working as part of the government and our recent topic revolves heavily around the UK government and the way it works as well as the role of MPs and the Prime Minister. Personally, Citizenship is one of my favourite subjects; I find it really interesting to be able to learn about how the Government in the UK works and how I can take part in democracy. Those are two things that I wouldn’t know nearly as much about as I do now if I hadn’t picked this subject.”

With some of our students struggling with motivation whilst working from home she gave some excellent advice to our young people. She stressed that motivation has been difficult for everyone and recognised that students at the moment have been challenged more than any other students have. She encouraged them to remember that what is important is their end goal is and when they are struggling with the day to day work remember what they want to achieve and what education is going to give them to help them succeed in the future. It really was a privilege to be able to hear from her and we were very proud of the questions that Waingels students put to Mrs May. Well done to all involved!