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Anti-Bullying Week 2020

Anti-Bullying Week took place last week with the theme of ‘United Against Bullying’. This year, more than ever, we’ve witnessed the positive power that society can have when we come together to tackle a common challenge and Anti-Bullying Week is no different.

Bullying has a long lasting effect on those who experience and witness it. But we believe that by channelling our collective power, through shared efforts and shared ambitions, we can reduce bullying together. From parents and carers, to teachers and politicians, to children and young people, we all have our part to play in coming together to make a difference. Ms Robinson and a group of Sixth Form students led assemblies that focused on this theme and looked at individuals and communities that have united against prejudice, discrimination or injustice. Some of these individuals were Jonathan Bryan, Annemarie Plas and Marcus Rashford.

In tutor time students decorated puzzle pieces with motivational messages, advice and support against bullying. These are going to be displayed around the school to show that we are all a piece in the puzzle, and together, we are united against bullying

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