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STEM Careers Day

Monday 28th January saw our inaugural STEM Careers Day. Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 had the opportunity to come and meet with professionals from a range of STEM careers. The day was a huge success with excellent feedback from all involved.

“I’m totally re-considering what I want to do as a career.”- Student

Rebecca, in Year 11 tells us more...

STEM Careers day was a fantastic opportunity to get to learn about the different careers out there and to learn that you don’t necessarily have to stick with the path that you’re taking, if you take initiative you can almost do what you want. For me, the best part about it was the eye-opening experience and the enthusiasm of everyone I met. In terms of changing pathways, I met a neurologist (someone studying brains) 

at Oxford University to see the effect of anti-depressants on our brain – whether they are as effective as they should be. She had never intended to head into Neurology, but she worked in the area for a while and found she enjoyed it immensely.

One piece of advice I received from everyone there and that I feel everyone should know, is that you should choose a career that you’re interested in. There’s no point working purely for money if you don’t enjoy it, especially as retirement age keeps getting prolonged so you’re undoubtedly going to be working for a 50-60 years; a somewhat scary prospect.

Regardless, the experience was exciting, enjoyable and educational. I hope everyone gets to participate in something similar at some point in their lives whether or not you’re planning on heading into Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths.

We can’t wait to make next year’s event bigger and better! If you’d like to get involved, then please let Mrs Heaton know


Written by Mrs K Heaton

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