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Live Streaming FAQ for Website

1. Which students will be offered online sessions with a teacher?

We are aiming to offer the following live sessions, but this is subject to capacity of the system and staff availability.

Year 7-8
  • 1 x half hour session per week per subject
Year 9
  • 1x half hour session per week for core subjects (English, Maths, Science, MFL and RS)
  • At least one introductory sessions for new option subjects starting in Year 10
Year 10
  • 1x half hour session for options subjects on a Monday
  • A catch up tutorial session on a Friday for students who are unable to attend the in school sessions
Year 12
  • Sessions will be offered on a class by class basis to support the lessons in school- The nature of this offer is dependent on each teacher’s commitments elsewhere in school

We are also exploring the possibility of building in some contact with form tutors, this will depend upon staff availability with priority given to the subject lessons.

Please note sessions will be 20-30 mins in duration.

2. Why has my son/daughter not been offered a live streaming lesson?

We are trying to offer as many live streaming lessons as we can. However we are limited by several factors, including the number of teachers available at any given time. Unfortunately, this means that we are unable to guarantee that all students will have access to live streaming for all subjects every week.

3. Do I have to attend the sessions/What if I am unable to attend the sessions?

All sessions are being planned to support the ongoing work being done at home. They are not meant to replace them. Attending a session will, we hope, provide students with more support and guidance but students who can not attend the live sessions can still complete the online work and continue to make progress during the period of school closure.

4. Why are sessions recorded and stored for 20 days?

All online sessions will be recorded and stored for 20 days. After the 20 days they are automatically deleted. The recordings are only visible to members of the “team” and not to anyone outside of the team. Students are not allowed to download these videos and sharing of any image from the sessions is not allowed.

Sessions are recorded so that any issues that occur during the session can be followed up, for example, inappropriate student behaviour. They are also available for students from the class who can not attend the session or want to check something from the session.

5. We do not have Microsoft Teams, how do we access the session?

All students have access to Office 365 through the school website. One of the packages included is Microsoft Teams. This means that it can be accessed through any web browser. Although the downloaded app is better, it is not essential.

6. Why are we not allowed to use our cameras in a session?

Using cameras often reduces the quality of the call, especially when many people are involved. In addition, blocking the use of cameras, reduces the risk of incidents occurring that may not be suitable during an online lesson.

7. I do not have a microphone, how can I take part?

Although using a microscope is beneficial, it is not essential. The sessions all have a monitored live chat function. Students can use this to ask and answer questions in the session.

8. My teacher asks me to put my “hand up” in the session, how do I do this.

In a meeting, moving the mouse will reveal the menu bar. To raise or lower a hand press the hand icon


9. What should I do if I can not hear the teacher during the session or if something goes wrong with my computer?

Unfortunately we can not spend time during a session trying to help fix problems, especially as many of us do not have the expertise. 

If you can not hear the teacher, check all of your cables and settings , if this does not work, try logging out and back in again.

If this does not work, or you have other issues, you may try and contact Mr. Jarred, may be able to offer some more technical advice.  

If this does not work, I am afraid there is little else we can try.  You should be able to see the recording however.

10. Why haven’t I been added to a team for a lesson when the rest of my class has?

Only students whose parents have completed the online form will be allowed to access the sessions. This is so we can be certain that students taking part understand what is expected of them and what will happen if they do not behave in an appropriate way. So please check this first. If the form has been completed, please contact the member of staff who has set the team up (usually your class teacher).

To access the online form, please click here.

11. Why isn’t my normal class teacher running the sessions?

Where possible, we have tried to set the sessions up with normal class teachers. However, this is not always possible as that teacher maybe teaching an in school lesson for example. Where it is not possible, we have set up the session with another subject specialist.

12. Why are there usually 2 teachers present in the session?

This is done to make the sessions run more smoothly. The second teacher will often review the chat messages and hands up to allow the main teacher to teach the session.  Sometimes, especially at the beginning, there will be other teachers in observing as well as part of their training.

13. If I attend the sessions, do I need to do the work on Show My Homework?/Do I need to attend the in school sessions if I attend an online session.

Yes.  The online live sessions are there to support the work set through SMHW, not replace it, so you must complete the work.

For Year 10 and 12, online lessons are to help students who can not make it into lessons catch up.  They are not designed and can not replace the in school experience, so you should definitely still attend.

14. What is the code of conduct and what happens if a student does not follow it?

The code of conduct shows clearly how students should behave and approach sessions. Much of it is the same as if a student is in school. It is designed to help ensure that students and staff have a safe, productive and enjoyable online session.

If a student does not follow the code of conduct they maybe asked to leave a session.  If they continue to disrupt the sessions, they may be blocked from any future sessions for any subject.

But obviously we are hoping this is never an issue!

Student Code of Conduct

15. I am worried that I might get banned from sessions, what sorts of things should I not do?

If you behave as well as you know you should in class, there should be no problems. In particular you should make sure that you are focused on the lessons and make sure that when you communicate verbally or by text, that you do so with kindness and consideration of all other participants. You should take every precaution you can to avoid any disturbance to the session, but we do understand that sometimes this is avoidable.

16. Can parents take part in the sessions?

No. The sessions are designed for students and it would be inappropriate for parents to take part in the sessions. You are, of course, welcome to listen in, but you should not try to communicate to other students or the teacher during the session, if you need to speak to the teacher, please follow the usual communication channels.

17. How do I set up Teams and use it?

A guide has been sent out to all parents and can be found here. 

18. The teacher is sharing a powerpoint file, can I download it to refer to?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for students to download any file from Teams. To access the file, you should contact the teacher who will have to email it to you.

19. Can I start my own meeting on Teams?

No.  Students can not start meetings or control meetings.  

20. My son/daughter is part of the Key Worker Bubble, can they still attend live streaming sessions?

Yes. They should bring in a set of earphones to use in school, but wherever possible, they will be able to take part in the sessions still. If they are not able to take part in the session, they will be able to access the recording.

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