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Art Alumni

Issy HamiltonName: Isobel Hamilton

School Years: 2010-2017

Art Subjects Studied: Textile Design (GCSE + Alevel)

Your memories of Waingels Art Department: Over the four years I spent studying Textiles, it quickly became my favourite subject and has probably given me most of my overall favourite Waingels memories too. The staff in the Art Department are incredible, IMG 3773they were always willing to stay late and give advice whenever you needed it - and in the build up to the final exams, this was very much appreciated! I can't thank the department enough for all the help they gave to me, and continue to give to every student.

Your future in Art: I am currently studying BA Textile Design at Falmouth University.



Moneka PratoName: Moneka Prato

School Years: 2010-2017

Art Subjects Studied: Textiles

Your memories of Waingels Art Department: Our Textiles classes had a very supportive environment, it was always relaxed and I have so many funny memories to look back on as well as some long, stressful hours spent on the sewing machine. All the techniques that I have learnt throughout GCSE and A level Textiles have already come in handy and they have created a perfect skill set for me to grow from - helping me to develop further in the area of my choice.

8thYour Future in Art: I was uncertain of what I wanted to do after A Levels but then I attended a costume breakdown course which made me realise that I wanted to go into costume making. So, I decided to apply for university and in October 2018 I will start my three year course at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama to study costume construction! I used all my A Level projects as my portfolio for my application and I am certain that if it was not for the unquestionable support of my teacher and strive for quality work, I would not have been offered a place.

I’m hoping to become a free lance costume maker or make costumes for theatre productions, maybe working backstage during productions, but I’m not sure yet seeing as I have no experience or insight into which career path will suit me more.



IMG 8595Name: Claire Pond

School Years: 2009-2016

Art Subjects Studied at Waingels: Art and Textiles at both GCSE and A Level

Your Memories of Waingels Art Department: Although I may have been the biggest stress head in the class, my Art subjects were always my favourite. I felt the whole of the department made the effort to understand the students and I was always encouraged to produce work that displayed my strengths. Along with having a few good laughs along the way!

DSC05843Life After Waingels: After I finished my A Levels I decided to take a 'gap year' before deciding what it was that I wanted to study at University. I was stuck between two fashion courses. I ended up deciding to work full time and to do work experience where I could. After doing a week's work experience at a company called 'Hope Fashion', I was offered a full time position, which I accepted. I am now a Product Assistant, meaning I sit in on selection meetings, communicate with factories, warehouses and fashion agents, assisting photo shoots along with helping out with social media. 

Your Future in Art: I hope to continue working in the industry and develop my creative skills. I also need to get using my charcoal and dyes a bit more often!


Name: Bethany Westall​

School Years: 2007-2014

Art Subjects studied at Waingels: Graphic Design A Level, Fine Art and Textiles at GCSE

Your Memories of Waingles Art Department: Artistic subjects have always been my favourites, and I loved these subjects at Waingels because we got to try out so many different techniques and every student was encouraged to do something different. We were never held back from trying out ideas, and teachers always encouraged us and helped us to make our ideas bigger and better.

Life After Waingels: After leaving Waingels I completed a degree in Graphic Arts, specialising in Illustration, at Winchester School of Art (part of the University of Southampton). During university I was Head of Imagery for the student magazine, was able to showcase my design work in London, and took part in local design projects, such as building large signs for a local music and comedy festival.

Since finishing university I have been lucky enough to do work experience in the Marketing department of Penguin Publishers, and I currently work for a local children’s holiday camp company where I design marketing materials, produce social media content and help to plan and run activities.

Your Future in Art: I’ve recently set up my own small craft and gift business making personalised portraits out of clay, which I sell online using Etsy and at craft fairs. I’m really excited about developing this in the future and seeing where it will take me!

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Lauren HallName: Lauren Natasha Hall

School Years: 2008 - 2013

Art Subjects studied at Waingels: Textiles & Graphic Design

Your Memories of Waingles Art Department: I loved the art department, I spend 90% of my school time there, putting in the extra hours to make my work perfect. The staff are fab and are the reason why I love art and textiles so much and a big reason to why I'm in the industry i'm in now. I learnt so many new skills that I use to this day and wouldn't be where I am today without that base.

Life After Waingels: I went on to study Costume Construction at my dream university Royal Central of Speech and Drama graduating in 2016 with my Bachelor of Arts Degree. I'm now a professional in the industry as a Costume Maker, Wardrobe Misress and Costume Designer. I have toured the UK and Internationally with 'An Evening of Dirty Dancing', working with the BBC, Pinewood Studios and most recently became the Costume Designer for the Broadway musical 'Pageant' which made its return to London this summer.

Your Future in Art: I plan to continue working as a freelancer in the industry and I'm off to Panto season of Cinderella this coming Christmas. I would love to continue learning my craft and travel the world doing my job.

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Name: Max Jefcut

School Years: 2005-2012

Art Subjects Studied at Waingels: Fine Art and Textiles

Your Memories of Waingels Art Department: The Art Department at Waingels holds a lot of good memories. Though I particularly remember visiting the Venice Biennale in 2012 and notably one staff member’s blonde Warhol wig worn on fancy dress night. Upon reflection, this opportunity highlights the department’s passion and encouragement for students to engage with and respond to contemporary art. The staff offered consistent support and encouragement to me during my time studying at Waingels, and I value their passion and inspiration for the subject.

Life After Waingels: After I left Waingels, I went on to complete a foundation diploma specialising in Fine Art. I then moved to London to study Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, as part of UAL. I was also fortunate to have to opportunity to study at Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, for six months as part of the Erasmus+ programme.

Your Future in Art: I am just about to graduate from Central Saint Martins, and hope to continue with my artistic practice, as well as exhibiting and showing my work.

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Rachel 1Name: Rachel Mayes

School Years: 2005-2012

Art Subjects Studied at Waingels: Graphic Design (Though I also took Art at GCSE & Textiles at AS level)

Your Memories of Waingels Art Department: Looking back it’s pretty obvious where my interest in Graphic Design came from and that’s Waingels. At the point of choosing my GCSEs it was only when my art teacher at the time recommended the option that I really took any notice of the subject and from then on I was hooked. I have a lot of good memories of the Art Department from fun had at after-school art clubs when I was younger to my final years of school where the motivation and support from my teachers inspired me to keep on pursuing design. The dedication and passion of teachers never ceases to amaze me and I’m grateful for all that Waingels offered me.

Life After Waingels: After Waingels, I completed a pre-degree foundation diploma specialising in Visual Communication and then went on to study Design at Goldsmiths, UoL. However while thoroughly enjoying a first year there, I realised the course wasn’t quite for me. Since then I’ve been studying Graphic Design part-time with Anglia Ruskin University. While it hasn’t been quite the educational path I envisioned, I have been extremely lucky to continue to follow what I enjoy.

RachelYour Future in Art: Last year I worked as a Graphic Designer for an awesome company in Manchester and while completing my final university year I am now back in Reading working as a Digital Media Assistant. I also work on numerous freelance projects year round including re-branding local Caversham Festival into Readipop Festival among many others.

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