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Waingels Warriors Smash the Woodley 2.5KM and 10KM Race!

What a day for The Waingels Warriors on Sunday 7th May!  As a team of fifteen students, ten staff and one 14-month year old -the day couldn’t have gone better. It started off a little cloudy and I must say very cold; however once warmed up our first group of Warriors were raring to start their 2.5KM race, which commenced at 8:45am. Taking place in the Woodford Park grounds, our first team of twelve were certainly put through their paces of sharp corners, up and down hills and around the duck pound. As the crowd cheered on, our Warriors managed to finish the race in excellent times, our fastest being Jack Gibbons in Year 9 who completed in 9 minutes and 57 seconds and managed to win himself 2nd place in the male 12-14 category. You can view all other participants’ results in the table below. 

Jack Gibbons 9:55
Olivia Randall 11:02
Hollie Cranmer 11:35
Vishnunarayan Manickam 11:38
Oscar Darby 12:04
Faye Gibbons 12:30
Margot Calutas 12:37
Amelia Chavins 15:04
Lucy White 15:05
Evie Stonehouse 17:28
Miss Mann & Sammy Mann 20:48

Next it was the 10KM runners turn and I think after seeing the set of results from the previous participants the team of fourteen were feeling the pressure! As our runners took their places at the starting line in Woodford Park, with adrenaline pumping, awaiting the claxon the participants were anticipating their route ahead. Starting in Woodford Park, travelling east of Haddon Drive, north up Butts Hill Road, left into Western Avenue, heading north into Reading Road, veering into Woodlands Avenue, Mays Lane, north into Loddon Bridge Road, into Just Tiles round-about, north up Butts Hill Road again, left into Haddon Drive to head west back into Woodford Park. The crowds were roaring with applause as the runners were heading back into the park- looking rather rosey cheeked with the sun on their side all our runners completed the race with excellent times. A particular recognition must go to Harry Middleton who finished in 38 minutes and 37 seconds and managed an almighty sprint finish. You can view all other participants’ results in the table below.

Harry Middleton 38:26
Mrs Wainhouse 47:40
Jason White 49:54
David Bullock (Mrs Bullock Husband) 51:40
Ms U'ren 55:20
Mrs Bullock 56:22
Mr Bartlett 56:32
Miss Fellowes-Freeman 56:34
Ms Burman 58:50
Chloe Winsor 1:01:51
Charlotte Small 1:04:05
Eloise Pepperdine 1:04:05
Mrs Skelton 1:09:10
Mrs Jenner 1:10:50

So, why did our Warriors do all this in the first place? In fact, it was to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Currently as I write this our Waingels Warriors JustGiving page has managed to raise £1,339.50 + £123.00 gift aid so far. 

As well as this sporting event our students have been busy in the Performing Art’s Department - putting together a Summer Gala which we showcased on Thursday 4th May to Waingels parents, staff and the families from Rivermead Primary and Addington School. The audience were delighted with A Level Theatre Studies work, GCSE and A Level Media Studies films and a collaboration of songs sung by The Waingels Choir, Rivermead Choir and Addington Choir. All proceeds from the ticket sales have also been added to The Waingels Warriors JustGiving page.

We would like to thank everyone that has already donated to our page or purchased a ticket to the Summer Gala. Your support has been hugely appreciated by students and staff. If you would like to give a donation to Cancer Research UK it’s not too late to do so.

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