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Head of Year 7- Miss Jordy Swanborough
7GZ1 Mrs Creedy Green Zone G102
7GZ2 Mr Quartermaine Green Zone SPT1
7RZ1 Miss Robinson Red Zone R118
7RZ2 Miss Windiate Red Zone R105
7YZ1 Miss Ellis Yellow Zone Y003
7YZ2 Mr Reynolds Yellow Zone Y108


Head of Year 8- Mr Simon Dyson
8GZ1 Mrs Rohman Green Zone G003
8GZ2 Mr Parker Green Zone G018
8RZ1 Mrs Marshall Red Zone R042
8RZ2 Miss Goldswain Red Zone R044
8YZ1 Mr Dodds Yellow Zone Y009
8YZ2 Miss Crang Yellow Zone Y032


Head of Year 9- Mr Mike Pembroke
9GZ1 Miss Venning Green Zone G117
9GZ2 Mr Kaye Green Zone G001
9GZ3 Miss Douglas Green Zone G019
9RZ1 Miss Blyth Red Zone R039
9RZ2 Mr Price (Mr Smith Fri B) Red Zone R032
9RZ3 Miss Davis Red Zone R114
9YZ1 Miss Riley Yellow Zone Y113
9YZ2 Miss Colley Yellow Zone Y035
9YZ3 Mr Pole Yellow Zone Y106


Head of Year 10- Miss Lisa English
10GZ1 Miss Sweetman Green Zone G112
10GZ2 Mrs Mahoney Green Zone G002
10GZ3 Mrs Cox Green Zone G101
10RZ1 Ms Heath / Mrs Samson Red Zone Y033
10RZ2 Miss Quiggin Red Zone R003
10RZ3 Mrs Shepherd Red Zone R004
10YZ1 Mr Malyan Yellow Zone Y001
10YZ2 Mr Jewitt / Miss Cinque Yellow Zone Y110
10YZ3 Mrs Oldroyd / Mrs Ingham Yellow Zone Y006


Head of Year 11- Mrs Jo Eaglesham
11GZ1 Ms Moslehi Green Zone G012
11GZ2 Mrs Light Green Zone G022
11GZ3 Mrs Peck / Mrs Chislett Green Zone G017
11RZ1 Miss Richardson Red Zone R108
11RZ2 Ms U’Ren / Mr Cook Red Zone R116
11RZ3 Mr Barber Red Zone R021
11YZ1 Miss White Yellow Zone Y034
11YZ2 Miss Bowman / Mrs Atkins Yellow Zone Y107
11YZ3 Miss Fellowes-Freeman Yellow Zone G010


KS5- Acting Director of Sixth Form- Mrs Claire Ward
12GZ1 Mrs Stokell/ Mr Kartsounis Green Zone G116
12GZ2 Mr Hughesdon  Green Zone Y122
12RZ1 Ms Rowley Red Zone R007
12RZ2 Mrs Jenner / Mrs Atkins Red Zone R022
12YZ1 Mrs Naidoo Yellow Zone G103
12YZ2 Mrs Naidoo Yellow Zone Y023
13GZ1 Mr Alexander / Mrs Sidhu Green Zone G023
13GZ2 Mrs Godden Green Zone G021
13RZ1 Miss Burwell Red Zone R012
13RZ2 Mrs Craig / Mrs Gahir Red Zone R102
13YZ1 Mrs Verhoog Yellow Zone Y114
13YZ2 Ms Mann Yellow Zone Y022