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Waingels Uniform Guidelines

Our uniform is very important to us and is an integral part of the schools’ ethos. One that promotes positive attitudes and high standards, and gives students a sense of personal pride. We want our students and our local community to be proud of their school and our uniform allows us to actively demonstrate this.

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School Uniform, School Colours Direct:

- Orders need to be placed online by 10am Tuesday of the delivery week. 

- Uniform is delivered approx. on 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month. 

  School Colours Direct

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The school uniform consists of:


A grey blazer with the school logo on the upper welt pocket and the colour of the zone to which the student belongs on the pocket trim. Blazers are required to be worn at all times.


A school jumper is not compulsory. If worn it must be a grey V neck jumper with the school zone colour on the V neck.


Trousers must be black and tailored. Any form of skin tight trouser, leggings, jeans or chinos cannot be worn.


Skirts must be black and knee length; pleated, straight or A-line. Tight fitting and elastic tube skirts are not to be worn. Plain black tights may be worn with a skirt.


Shirts should be formal and white with a collar and should be tucked in at all times.


Plain black flat shoes suitable for a formal working environment should be worn. Any form of trainer or pump are not to be worn.


A sensible coat in cold and wet weather should be worn by students so that inclement weather does not affect learning. Hoodies are not acceptable and should not be worn at any time.


One earring may be worn in each ear. No other jewellery is permitted.

Hair and Makeup

A student’s hair style and makeup should be suitable for a formal working environment. Makeup should be kept to a minimum and be natural in colour and discreet. Nail extensions are not permitted.

Sixth Form

Sixth form students should follow the dress code guidelines as set out in the Sixth Form Guide which asks that students be ‘Office Smart’.