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Student Voice

At Waingels, the voice and opinions of our students are very important to us. We are fortunate to have a very active School Council, who are very involved with a variety of school decisions. The School Council's role is to make sure that the views of every student here at Waingels are heard. The Head Team, together with the Student Leaders and the Tutor Representatives, link the Senior Leadership Team and the Governors with the rest of the school.

Head Team

Waingels sixth form 13 Left to right: Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl, Head Boy, Head Girl 

Student Leaders

Anti-Bullying LeaderIMG 9744






IMG 9764Academic Mentoring Leader






IMG 9746Deputy for Academic Mentoring






IMG 9739Social Mentoring Leader






IMG 9742Deputy for Social Mentoring






IMG 9747Charity Leader






IMG 9765Competition/Community Spirit Leader






IMG 9740Deputy for Competition/Community Spirit






IMG 9743Learning Environment Leader






IMG 9745Head of Prefects






Every year, in April, a new council is elected by the students with a representative from every tutor group in each year. They attend an overnight conference at Streatley Youth Hostel where they get to know each other and make action plans for the coming year, led by the Head Boy and Head Girl. The council is inclusive, effective, and fun. Meetings are held once every half term.

Each term we conduct a survey of our students so we can reflect on changes made and opportunities for further dialogue or change.

Some areas where the council made a difference to school life in the last two years:

  • More benches & tables for the courtyard.
  • Outdoor clocks for the main buildings.
  • Introduced a prefect system to the school.
  • Enhancing & changing the school rewards system.
  • Social space changes.
  • A new uniform which includes blazers.
  • A Christmas tree in the courtyard.
  • A new display board for the Student Council
  • An updated school logo.
  • Co-ordinated charitable donations to the Woodley Food Bank.
  • Setting up an e-mail for students to share their ideas & opinions.
  • Helped in the choice and implementation of a new catering company for the school. 

If you would like to make a difference, get your voice heard!

Email the School Council

Staff Contact: Mr M Pembroke