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President- Tom Bartlett

Vice President- Amena Sutton

Chair- Lisa Lewis 

Vice Chair- Julia Warriner

Treasurer- Sally Tomkins

Secretary- Sarah Cook 

Christmas Craft Fair

Xmas Fair Poster 2017

200 Club

The ‘200 Club’ is a lottery run project by Waingels PTA with the intention of raising money for school funds. The scheme runs annually from September when you are invited to buy 4 tickets (one for each draw) at a cost of £3 each -  the draws are in December, March, June and September. The draw is open to anyone aged 16 or over.  Other members of the family or friends of the school past and present can join too - the more the merrier!  Please email if you would like to join.

This month’s winners are:

1. Ms Hogan

2. Mrs Gerrish

3. Mrs Gibson

'200 Club' Form