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Preparing for Exams

Powerpoint of Information

Using the Syllabus:
Elevate Education recommend that students find the correct specification for their exam, using the subject content section they can then define exactly what they need to study for each exam. Again, please use the topic lists found on the key stage four website, the ones needed for the mock exams are in red.

Making Notes:
Elevate Education recommend that students use A4 paper, but divide it down the middle & only write on one half of the paper. This forces them to avoid writing out full sentences & nudges them into ensuring that the notes are succinct & based around trigger words. Colour is an excellent way to aid the recall of notes, but only if it is used systematically; red for dates, green for keywords, blue for examples etc. These notes need to then be organised in subject specific folders so that they can then be used again for the GCSEs in the summer, they can then be added to as students progress through their courses in the rest of the year. The more effective the notes are for the mock exam the more pressure the students take off themselves for the exams in the summer.

Practice Papers:
The top performing students are the ones that revise using past papers to apply their knowledge. Elevate Education advise that students should be looking to complete three practice papers in each subject. Again these can be found on exam websites or through asking teachers.

Students often need extrinsic motivation; they don't want a string of A & B grades because they have a particular affinity for those letters, but because of where those grades can get them. Helping students to visualise these goals can have a profound effect. To this end we recommend that you spend some time looking at future pathways. Elevate Education recommends the websites & depending on the route your child may take. We also have membership for the website If students type in the registration code WAIR they are given a username & password which they can use for future logons. The website itself guides the students through a questionnaire which then suggests future careers. Students can then research the different pathways to these careers.

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