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Year 12 Induction

Results Day

It is important that, when you receive your results on Results Day, you confirm your place in our Sixth Form. Once this has been done you will need to prepare to join us in September. 

Induction Tasks

As part of your preparation you will need to complete an induction task for each subject. While this gives you a taster of what is to come it is also important in demonstrating to your new teachers your commitment to the subject. Induction tasks are compulsory. Teachers will ask for these in your first week of term and we will review your transition to Sixth Form using these to inform us about your commitment and your ability to submit these tasks on time. 

Discovery Tasks

Discovery tasks are optional and allow you to enjoy finding out more about the subjects you have chosen to study in the Sixth Form. However, for some subjects they are strongly advised and prepare you for the compulsory tasks. For this reason, they have been placed first. You will need to make a judgement about each subject on whether you can complete discovery tasks. If there is a subject you particularly like, then devote most time to that which is likely to include completing the discovery task. This is part of good preparation for the Sixth Form.


On Wednesday 4th September all Year 12 students will arrive to school at 8.40. Once allocated to their tutor groups they will go through a process of orientation. They will receive advice on how to take notes, organise their resources and they will start to think about what they want to get out of Sixth Form. After attending their introductory lesson in each subject on Thursday 5th September all Year 12 students will attend a day at Dinton Pastures for team building on Friday 6th. The letters, including payment details and medical consent forms can be found here.

For 2019-20 we are arranging for packs of stationery to be provided for all students so that they can get off to the best start with regard to organisation and independent learning. This pack will cost £8.00 and will include:

  • 3 Lever arch files
  • 100 pack plastic wallets
  • 3 Document Wallets
  • 3 Packs of 10 subject dividers
  • Sixth Form Student Guide to Surviving Workload

While we strongly encourage all students to purchase these items, if you do not wish to do so you will need to purchase each of these independently in preparation for September.

Meet the Tutor

As the Sixth Form is something that is a big change for both the students and their families we will be inviting parents to meet with their son/daughters tutor in September. This will be an opportunity to discuss how they are settling in to studies, addressing any early concerns or praising students for their positive start and to establish a point of contact.

Documents & Information

Sixth Form Introductory Powerpoint

A Sixth Form Guide

Dinton Pastures Letter

Sixth Form Offer Letter