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As of September 2020 Waingels now provides in-house catering. 

Week 1 Menu

Week 2 Menu

Week 3 Menu

Dates for the 3 Weekly Food Menus
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

7th September

28th September

19th October

9th November

30th November

21st December

11th January

1st February

22nd February

15th March

5th April

26th April

17th May

7th June

28th June

19th July


14th September

5th October

26th October

16th November

7th December

28th December

18th January

8th February

1st March

22nd March

12th April

3rd May

24th May

14th June

5th July

26th July

21st September

12th October

2nd November

23rd November

14th December

4th January

25th January

15th February

8th March

29th March

19th April

10th May

31st May

21st June

12th July


If you want your child to use the canteen you should have already received details to set up ParentPay. ParentPay allows you to add funds to your child’s account. If you have not received these details please contact

Free school meals

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