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Head Team Welcome

Hello, we are the new Head Team for 2020. We are an energetic and committed group of people and despite the minor set back we have had this year, we have managed to reinforce the key values of Kindness, Pride, Resilience and Respect through our involvement within the wider school community. We are all extremely passionate, hardworking and dedicated members of the student body who strive to make Waingels a more positive environment for students and teachers alike. We aim to do this through our promotion of multiculturalism, mindfulness and tutoring, all of which are embodied through our new policies. We make it our mission to represent the student body as best we can and are always open to suggestions from our peers. We look forward to integrating our upcoming projects!

Daniel: Head Boy, Sabrina: Head Girl, Sapnaa: Kindness, Teddy: Pride, Lydia: Resilience, Shannon: Respect