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Head Team Welcome

Welcome to the Waingels Website!

Firstly, we’d like to thank you for giving us this incredible opportunity to represent your views. We’d love to welcome you to Waingels. It is with absolute pleasure to be elected as your new Head Team.

Before applying, many of us were hesitant, but soon enough, we realised how beneficial the process would be for everyone, regardless of the outcome. As a team, we believe that we will work well together to continue keeping Waingels a positive learning environment for everyone. 

Waingels is a community that we are extremely proud to be part of. It’s a school that massively encourages intellectual curiosity, personal growth, and strives to make everyone feel accepted, protected and respected. We are thrilled to help lead this establishment in its quest to educational excellence.

We have an immense support network of professional staff and students to aid people every step of the way in all available opportunities.

It is our privilege to invite you to explore this website and find out more about our values, ethos and life of our school. We would once again, love to express our gratitude to those who have allowed us to be placed in this amazing position, and we look forward to working with all of you! 

Erin, Sam, Kelvin & Solaya