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Admissions Arrangements Policy for 2020/2021 15th Aug 2019 Policies Download
Admissions Arrangements Policy for 2021/2022 10th Jul 2020 Policies Download
Anti-Bullying Policy 28th Jun 2018 Policies Download
Assessment and Reporting Policy 26th May 2017 Policies Download
Careers Policy 12th Dec 2019 Policies Download
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 20th Jul 2020 Policies Download
Code of Conduct for Parents, Carers and Visitors Policy 31st Jul 2019 Policies Download
Complaints Policy 20th Aug 2020 Policies Download
Complaints Policy Appendix 3 Concerns or Complaints about Centre Assessed Grades 02nd Sep 2020 Policies Download
Culture & Values Policy Including Behaviour Principles 09th Sep 2019 Policies Download
Draft Attendance Policy Addendum 13th Aug 2020 Policies Download
Drug & Alcohol Education Policy 29th Jun 2018 Policies Download
Educational Visits Policy 01st Jun 2012 Policies Download
Equality and Diversity Policy 12th Jul 2019 Policies Download
Feedback Policy 19th Dec 2019 Policies Download
Health & Safety Policy 20th Sep 2012 Policies Download
Homework Policy 02nd Dec 2018 Policies Download
ICT and Internet Acceptable Use Policy 19th Mar 2020 Policies Download
Initial Teacher Training Policy 08th Mar 2018 Policies Download
Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints 12th Feb 2019 Policies Download
Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Policy 26th Jul 2019 Policies Download
Microsoft Teams Usage Policy 17th Jun 2020 Policies Download
Pupil Premium Policy 10th Dec 2020 Policies Download
Reading, Writing, Communication & Mathematics Policy 01st Feb 2015 Policies Download
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 09th Dec 2020 Policies Download
SEND Policy 28th Nov 2018 Policies Download
Social Media Policy 01st May 2017 Policies Download
Teaching and Learning Policy 01st Jun 2017 Policies Download


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@WaingelsCollege - January 18
Well done to Nicole in Year 10 who has reached her £530 target for . Lets help her raise as much as she can! Link to her story and fundraising page can be found here
@WaingelsCollege - January 18
@WaingelsCollege - January 15
a service whereby you can arrange a time to collect a package from school or, if required, a supply can be delivered to your home address. All packaging is discreet. All you need to do is send an email to and we will be in touch.
@WaingelsCollege - January 15
Waingels offer free sanitary products to any student who needs them. Ordinarily, students would be able to access these items from The Den, however, due to school being closed currently, this isn’t possible. Instead, what we can offer is... 1/2
@WaingelsCollege - January 15
Friday's Keep in Touch Newsletter is out now We also have a new addition to the weekly communication- Waingels Video Diary. You can watch it here
@WaingelsCollege - January 15
We would like to see your ‘sugar swaps’ and see how much you have been able to reduce? Lets be ‘sugar smart’ and promote awareness of the amount of ‘Added and Hidden’ we might be consuming, as out health is more important, now more than ever!
@WaingelsCollege - January 15
Following Miss McClelland's Sugar Awareness Week Assembly... Please email: with pictures of your sugar swaps, we are excited to see how much added sugar we can reduce in our diets, good luck and get those sugar swaps sent it!
@WaingelsCollege - January 15
Excellent tools for building your super-curricular knowledge and understanding