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Future Learn

Research Basics


Waingels Wool Blog (Mrs Heath)

Wool is one of the worlds most versatile resources. Used for hobbies, clothing and household items. Research and try out something a little more practical.​

All of us are trying to work out who we are and who we want to be. Spend some time reflecting on yourself and realising your unique skills and attributes.


The Body Matters: Why Exercise Makes You Healthy and How to Stay Uninjured


Maths in Sports


Ethics of Sports: Do Sports Morally Matter?


Sports and Recreation Management


Basic Science: Understanding Experiments


Immigration and Tolerance (Mrs Marshall)

This is a MOOC on immigration and tolerance where you will consider the treatment of illegal immigrants, an issue that has never been more pressing or relevant. 


Dark energy and dark matter (Mr Sargen)

A MOOC exploring this complex area of physics.


The work of Christopher Marlowe (Ms Bishop)

If you enjoyed studying Shakespeare, you will enjoy this MOOC exploring the work of one of his contemporaries. Marlowe was a double, or even triple agent, spying for many different nations and producing some of the most beautiful writing of the 1500s.


Animal Behaviour (Ms Venning)

This MOOC covers the major players in animal behaviour discoveries – for example Niko Tinbergen and Pavlov, for a brief introduction into the key concepts in animal behaviour studies.


Irish Independence (Mrs Ward)

This Mooc is ideal for students who enjoy learning about history, religion and/or politics. It will also look at Irish history and a bit of literature. As we will be looking at events between 1912 and 1923 it is relatively modern in the landscape of history and with Brexit talks bringing the Irish border into political debate yet again it is an opportunity to explore why it is so contentious.


Fat Science (Ms Kohlman)

Fat is such a contentious issue. It dominates discussions about body image, costs the NHS millions each year, is restricted and demonised by many weight loss programmes and yet is absolutely essential to the correct functioning of healthy organisms. This scientific MOOC will explore some of the issues surrounding fat. We will look at the debates around different sources of fat, the importance of fats in the body and the health implications of excess fats.


Wellbeing (Ms Kohlman)

This MOOC is designed to develop your understanding of your personal wellbeing and is not linked to any specific subject. You will be set a weekly wellbeing challenge that is based around one of 5 themes that have been identified as supporting positive wellbeing; Connect, be active, take note, keep learning & give. By the end of the MOOC you should have a better idea of activities and strategies you can use to sustain and improve your wellbeing at any point in your future.


Intro to Archaeology (Ms Fellows-Freeman)

A 10 week whistle-stop tour through the broad and all-encompassing world of archaeology. Look a little closer at human prehistory and the journey from hunter/gatherer cavemen to small scale farmers, city dwellers and modern humans. Find out whether the living a paleo lifestyle was really something you would want!


The American Election (Ms Bishop)

Find out the facts, debates and social issues behind the headlines in this MOOC which focuses on a range of different aspects of the 2016 American Election (and its aftermath). Consider the importance of factors like gender, race, ideology, demographics and history in this world-changing result.


Introduction to Law (Mrs Skelton)

This MOOC will take you through the processes and basic facts about law in the UK and consider some key debates around this topic. This would be an excellent choice for anyone considering studying Law at university or taking part in the mock trial.

(address to follow asap)


Learn a new language (Ms Bishop)

On this MOOC are instructions on how to start a language course. You could continue your language skills from GCSE or start something completely and utterly random, it is completely up to you. You will post weekly and share your new knowledge with other users.



You could try one of these MOOCs from External Providers. If the time needed seems to be more than one hour, or the content becomes too difficult, transfer to one of the Waingels options instead.

  • You will need to create an account to start the MOOC, use your school email address. You do not need to pay any money.

Open University: The Business of Football

If you are fascinated by football and interested in discovering more about business and management then this engaging and stimulating free course which provides the opportunity to share and comment on your learning with others is for you. You can progress at your own pace and it will take a minimum of around 9 hours of your time to complete the course.

You will need to divide the ‘three weeks’ of tasks across your ten weeks.


Open University: Managing my money

 With real incomes falling and personal debt at a record high, there has never been a better time to improve your personal financial skills – Managing my money aims to do just that.

You'll start by learning how to compile a budget and use it to make good decisions about your spending. You’ll explore debts and investments, and find out how mortgages are used to finance home ownership. The critical issue of pension planning is explained, with guidance on different pension products. You'll finish by examining different types of insurance and getting practical advice on how to make rational decisions about which insurance products to buy.

Again, you will need to manage your time slightly differently than the MOOC directs, make sure you spend around one hour per week on your tasks.