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Key Stage 5

Assessments take place throughout the 2 year period.

Key assessment will take place throughout Year 12 and 13 where data will reported to parents:

Year 12

9th October- Meet the Tutor Evening

8th December- PR1 Issued

7th February- Parents Consultations

22nd March- PR2 Issued

5th July- PR3 Issued 

Year 13

23rd November- PR1 Issued

7th February- Parents Consultations

22nd March- PR2 Issued

28th June- PR3 Issued

In addition to this students will complete Mock exams in June/July of Year 12 and January of Year 13.

The purpose of key assessments and mocks is to prepare students for the examinations and to inform students, teachers and parents of the progress each student is making and inform next steps for progression.

The most up to date examination timetables will be published here when they become available. 

2018 Examination Timetable for Year 12 & 13 only. 

Examination Season Inclusive Exam Dates Year Group
Paper based BTEC January exams 9th-23rd January 2018 12/13
AS/ A Level Public Art 25th April-3rd May 2018 12/13
GCE Summer Public Exams Mon 14th- Tues 26th June 2018 12/13