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Sixth Form Admissions

‘An Outstanding Curriculum’

There are a variety of pathways that students can choose from to best suit their interests and style of learning. We are excited to be offering opportunities to a diverse range of learners from those aspiring to Oxbridge and exploring other universities to those turning their hand to apprenticeships. A Level qualifications have changed in recent years, with AS Level becoming a standalone qualification. At Waingels, in line with most other educational institutions, we are moving towards a two-year programme of study. It will be expected that students will carry all subjects through to Year 13. Students can design their own course from their chosen subjects, combining BTEC Level 3 and A Level options, which offer a varied approach to learning.

Our Level 3 Pathways include:

  • Three A Levels.
  • Two A Levels and a BTEC Level 3 Diploma.
  • Two BTEC Level 3 Diplomas.

All these courses are two year courses with assessments at the end of the two-year period.

NB: All BTEC Level 3 courses contain an element of examination.

Where could Waingels Sixth Form take you, making the right choices?

The purpose of education is to open doors, and allow our students to pursue passions and interests. It is important that, when making decisions about your Sixth Form courses, you consider a number of things. These may include:

  • Your interest in the subject
  • The entry requirement of the courses and pathways you may take
  • The university or further study you are considering, to ensure you are selecting the best subjects for progression.

In making these decisions students should seek advice and guidance from parents, tutors and subject teachers.

“The Sixth Form is outstanding. Students achieve very well from their broadly average starting points. The subjects and qualifications available to students in the Sixth Form have been chosen thoughtfully in order that every student can achieve as well as possible and be very well prepared for the next stages in their lives.” Ofsted 2013

Transition Process

We accept application from both current Waingels students and external students, subject to meeting our entry criteria. The criteria we apply for entry onto each pathway is designed to ensure students are most appropriately matched to the courses they are interested in.

Students will have the opportunity to explore the options available to them at Sixth Form in a variety of ways. In November students will have the opportunity to visit the Sixth Form and ask questions of current Year 12 and 13 students. They will learn about the facilities and privileges that Sixth Form students can avail of. This is followed by the first of two information evenings.

Key Stage 5 Information Evenings

Our first information evening takes place in November. This is an opportunity to hear form Mr Bartlett and the Sixth Form leadership team about the Sixth Form and find out about the variety of subjects that we offer. This is done in a market place style so students can visit a variety of stalls to gain information about their options.

Our second evening takes place after the option blocks are published. This allows students to narrow down their subject choices through attending talks about each of their chosen subjects.

In addition to this all applicants will meet with a member of the Sixth Form team or Senior Leadership Team to discuss their options. If a student is unsure about which options to take they can arrange to meet with the school careers advisor.

In order to find out more about what Waingels’ Sixth Form have to offer and our entry requirements please take a look at our Sixth Form prospectus. You can also find out about the subjects we have to offer here.