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Head Boy & Head Girl Welcome

It’s a huge honour to welcome you to our new school website.

It is a true privilege to be a part of a school that holds such strong values; including that of pride, respect and kindness. Waingels offers a supportive and friendly environment, full of opportunities and success. Throughout your Waingels career we know that you will achieve great things, that we believe you will take immense pride in. Additionally, you’ll meet lots of new people, each with different interests and passions. You’ll learn to respect one another and build upon your own personal values.

The inclusive Waingels community is certain to make each individual feel accepted, at home and able to thrive in their new environment. There are great prospects for further involvement, aiding personal development and building confidence. There is a vast support network of students, staff and friends to guide you every step of the way and support you through all the opportunities available. This is a place where you can expand upon previous skills as well as developing new ones, ones that you may have never previously imagined. The invaluable skills that each and every student shall develop; both academic and personal ones, will shape members of Waingels into well-rounded, successful members of society.

We are delighted to see a new generation of young, unique students, with amazing aspirations, enrol in our school and partake in the new experiences that Waingels has to offer. As the head team, we have had the pleasure of representing this school and what it stands for, we are truly proud of our school, and can confidently say that pupils that come here will be proud of their school and their achievements.

Dominic, Eloise, Connor, and Alex
The Head Team